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Elite level Rugby Kit

We’re fully aware you can get Rugby shirts from any number of places with those brands quick to tell you their shirts are built to last and won’t rip. We know you have heard it at least a dozen times each time you start the hunt for a Kit Supplier at your Rugby Club. A case of ‘Promise the earth and deliver an atlas’ as they say!

Our Sublimated Rugby League jerseys have been designed to withstand the most vigorous of challenges through a number of features we worked on to ensure the shirt is as strong as it possibly can be for such a high contact sport.

We use a fabric which has been selected by leading professional Rugby League players in testing that not only gives incredible comfort during use but is also strong enough to avoid the grabs and stretches associated with tackling during the game.

The stitiching of the shirt is equally important, especially around the collar, and following a year of tweeking and testing our premium Rugby Jersey has now been an option for clubs for the last two seasons. We are immensely proud that none of our Partner Clubs have reported a single ripped shirt in the last 24 months, including Professional Clubs such as Whitehaven RLFC and London Broncos. But that’s not to say it won’t happen and if it does we offer a speedy replacement service to ensure you are not without a specific shirt number for very long.

If you are looking for elite level Rugby match kits for a very competative price contact our sales team for samples and more details on ur range – or 01482 458595